Who Left the Lights On? 3 Things to Know About a Lutron Occupancy Sensing Switch
Controlling light properly not only enhances the visual environment, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

Stop wasting. Start saving. No matter who’s there … or who’s not there, my house seems to always be lit up like a Christmas tree. Leaving the lights on when we don’t need them is a huge problem in my household, and according to a survey conducted by Lutron Electronics, lots of people feel the same way.

Per the survey, 90 percent of Americans say that someone in their household forgets to turn the lights off when they leave a room, with lights in the kitchen (49 percent) and bathroom (28 percent) being left on the most. The bedroom (27 percent) and living room (26 percent) were also noted as problem areas.

It’s enough unnecessary illumination to make people believe that lights are the biggest waste of energy in a home (47 percent), followed by the TV being left on with nobody watching it (42 percent) and the computer being left on with nobody using it (31 percent).

For parents, this stat will come as no surprise: Kids get the majority of the blame for leaving the lights on (55 percent), mostly by their moms. If it’s not the kids, it’s the spouse (31 percent), yourself (17 percent) who’s walking out without turning off the lights.

Why Use Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors?

Occupancy sensors that can turn lights on and off based on the occupancy of a room are a great solution for this common household problem. Where would people most likely put a product like this? According to the survey, the bathroom gets the top nod (44 percent), followed by the living room (26 percent) and family room (13 percent).

3 Things to Know About a Lutron Maestro® Occupancy Sensing Switch

One of the easiest ways to save energy in your home is to install an occupancy sensor. Occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. The following benefits of a Lutron occupancy sensing switch help ensure lights are never accidentally left on, while saving energy and adding extra convenience to your life.

1. Intelligent

The sensor features ambient light detection. This technology senses light in the room and turns lights on only when needed.

2. Reliable

Advanced XCT™ sensing technology allows the sensor to detect minor motions (such as writing or turning a page), which ensures lights stay on when the room is occupied.

3. Installs in Minutes

This innovative sensor works with all existing bulb types and installs in just minutes — no neutral wire required. Simply replace your existing switch with a Lutron Maestro occupancy sensing switch. Watch the installation video.

Available from your local home center, lighting showroom, or electrical professional. Visit www.ChooseLutron.com or Where to Buy.

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